I'm a 16 year-old girl from mexico. I love archery and running. On the journey to become a healthier me.
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True love never gets old!

I am Rita

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I could watch this for years without getting bored for a second

you can’t even understand how many years i have waited for a picture like this you really can’t fucking understand








Hogwarts Founders
» Idris Elba // Lucy Liu // Hrithik Roshan // Angel Coulby

While I do love that whoever made this did a good job matching actors to characters, the one issue I have is that Hogwarts is in England and what founded several centuries ago. I’m not saying that there wouldn’t have been blacks or asians in England at the time, but it’s still a historical inaccuracy to depict them as anything other than white Englishmen, since the culture of England at the time wouldn’t have had room for blacks and asians as anything other than slaves or traders.

Please don’t take this as me being racist, this is just me with a debilitating and incurable need for historical accuracy.

So let’s see. The Sorting claims it’s origins about a thousand or so years ago in it’s song, which implies the 1000s. JK Rowling described them as “medieval," which is about 500 to 1500, again agreeing with our 1000 date. So let’s work with that. We’ve got a pretty decent timeline to work with here. 

There have been black people in Scotland since “classical times,” and black moors present in James IV’s royal court in the 1500s, plus there’s St. Deiniol in Wales in the 500s, implying black people were also in the religious court instead of all just slaves and servants. Therefore, could a strong and fearless future-Gryffindor have ancestry native to the Isles? Hmmm.

Hannibal of Carthage was definitely not white (at least not in the modern sense). As a matter of fact, many Mediterranean descended people are mixed with Central Asians, South Asians, and North Africans so… But anyway, in 1555, black men were learning to be interpreters in London to help with trading in the Ghanian region. Here’s a coat of arms with black people on it dated 1616. Also, literally how do you not know about Dido Elizabeth Belle, an aristocratic lady of Scotland from the 1700s???

The Romani migrated out what is now modern day India and Pakistan in about the 1000s, so add in that they’re wizards who can fly and all that jazz, they could’ve easily gotten there within a year or two and settled in Scotland once they learned white people weren’t treating them very kindly. There you go, that’s how a South Asian Slytherin made it to Scotland just in time to found Hogwarts.

Here’s desi people of color from the Indian subcontinent, called Lascars, who had been sailing in Europe from as early as the 1400s, possibly earlier, still fitting that there could’ve been wizards in the British Isles about a hundred or so years earlier. Art from the 1600s showing brown men in turbans. Here’s an Indian man who in the 1700s ran a successful restaurant in England and taught white people to shampoo their hair lol.

Japanese emissaries came to Europe as early as 1584 and observed there were already Chinese and Japanese slaves among the overwhelmingly black slaves, something blamed on Christianity, which was part of the reason why Japan vehemently became isolated from that point.

Also about East Asia, Mongolian Genghis Khan made it to about Poland-ish in the 1200s, so it’s not a far bet to say the Chinese (who were also conquered by Khan on his way to Europe) could’ve found their way to Scotland around that time or a few hundred years earlier. Along with a smart cookie who would go on to be the founder of Ravenclaw.

Native Americans, of course, have been present in Europe for a while. In the 1500s, Manteo and Wanchese arrived in London. There’s evidence the Vikings and Indigenous Americans were friendly long before when Columbus blah blah, and there’s even evidence of Native Americans in Holland that’s like 2000 years old. Could a kind and loyal future Hufflepuff be one of those mixed race indigenous American-Africans?

ALSO considering the fact that Binns (the history professor at Hogwarts) specifically stated that witches and wizards were being persecuted and Hogwarts was built out of sight of Muggle eyes, it’s completely possible that POC came to Scotland and built the castle happily for other magical humans to have a safe place. Since HP universe is a fantasy anyway, read these article while you’re at it.

So yeah, I understand your implication that you don’t want to be racist or anything like that (bc being called racist is ofc so much worse than actually being ignorant), but POC were not just traders and slaves in the British Isles, they were a fuckton of other things your history books aren’t telling you (or trying to intentionally steer you away from). So me having an all-brown cast for a location in a dominantly-white place I’m sure is irking the fuck out of you, and that makes me so glad to see you confronted with that “incurable” need for historical accuracy you have.

And check out this rad blog: Racebending Harry Potter.

I love when ignorance is smacked down by historical facts.

Historical facts. Gotta love them.




I wish I could remember where I got this from, but it’s been saved on my phone for a while since I get pretty bad colds.
Anyway, I woke up today with a sore throat so I thought I would share this. 
Another thing that helps me is I’ll have hot tea (normally I’ll have raspberry tea), and put one or two spoonfuls of honey.

Chippy will care for you.

A Cold Spell
Forget anti-histamines and cough suppressants. The symptoms of a cold are evidence of your body healing itself. For the most part, you should tolerate your runny nose or cough. But these things can make getting to sleep difficult, and rest is key to recovery. There is one old-fashioned medicine I love to take just before bed: a hot toddy. Bartenders know the drink, but I do think it’s fallen out of fashion with the general public. Most people know the phrase but not the recipe. So here goes:
1 shot of whiskey A mug of hot water 1 tsp honey 1 wedge of lemon
Heat up the water for warmth and some semblance of hydration, pour in the whiskey to relax you to sleep, stir in the honey to coat a sore throat, squeeze the lemon for taste and a little vitamin c.
This will take the edge off and make you drowsy enough to fall asleep. One or two should be enough, more than that and your body won’t thank you. Also key: take extra time during the day to rest. A cold is not the enemy, it is a sign that your body needs downtime to recalibrate the immune system. A cold is your excuse to say no (especially to social obligations). Revel in this opportunity to read, nap, or watch a movie. If you do this right, with hot toddies and rest, you’ll practically look forward to next year’s winter cold.